Preparing For Your Portraits

Perfect portraits don't just happen.  They take some preparation ahead of time.  Here are a few general suggestions to help you get started.  And remember, we are here to help; feel free to call with any questions or ideas you may have...


  • Remember that each image should be created as an expression of your beauty… style… passion…  Your clothing choices should be made to enhance the look that you wish to achieve.
  • Your clothing looks best when it is properly fitted.  If clothing is too tight it may pull and bulge, causing you to look heavier.  Although looser clothing can sometimes be adjusted to fit better, it is always better to start with a great fit.
  • Entirely white clothing is excellent for a softer portrait, while darker tones tend to be more dramatic.
  • The color and style of your clothing will determine what kind of background will be most suitable.  Medium to dark clothes are best for a darker background, while a light background is much more effective with lighter colored clothing.  In general, the colors should be subtle with little or no pattern.
  • Carefully consider your outfits from head to toe.  This keeps your options open to images ranging from full length to close-ups.
  • Feel free to bring as many options as you'd like.  Sometimes the best choice is the one you almost left at home.
  • When preparing for a group portrait, it is usually best to have everyone dress in a similar theme or style.  Color coordination lends harmony to your family portrait.  Overall lighter or overall darker tones work best.  Try not to mix light and dark tones together in the same group.


Shoes can complete or destroy your look… 

  • High narrow heels (for the ladies) create a fashionable look that doesn't go out of style. 
  • Chunky heels make feet appear heavy and awkward and will look dated much sooner. 
  • Athletic shoes tend to have busy, distracting designs that will draw your eye away from the people wearing them. 
  • For a summer feel to your portrait, bare feet are always in style…

Make-up & Hair

  • It is generally best to stay with a hair style and make-up that you are comfortable with.  Pay particular attention to your eyes, lips & cheekbones.


  • If you come for our Glamour Session, our professional stylist will work with you to create just the right look. 
  • The cosmetics used are provided for you.  If you have a particular product that you would like to use, feel free to bring it along. 
  • We recommend that you arrive at the studio with clean hair and minimal or no make-up. 
  • If you require a very specific hairstyle, please arrange to have it done before you arrive at the studio.

Jewellery & Accessories

  • Jewellery and other accessories add a finishing touch to any outfit. 
  • Please make sure that the accessories that you bring make sense for the clothing that you will be wearing.


If you wear glasses regularly, you may wear them during your portrait session.  Be aware, however, that they can create some problems. 

  • The highly reflective nature of glass causes reflection and elimination of detail in the eye area of your portrait. 
  • The optics of the lenses cause refraction of light, resulting in distortion of the face. 
  • Tinted lenses cause discoloration of the eye and surrounding skin.

The solution to all of these problems is the wearing of frames without lenses.  With some frame styles the lenses are easily removed, or better yet, borrow similar frames from your optician.


Let your imagination go… 

  • Flowers
  • Furniture;
  • Musical Instruments
  • Sporting Goods
  • Occupational Tools
  • Etc...

by incorporating items of your own, you can capture your personality in your own unique way.


  • The right music goes a long way to setting the right mood for your portraits.  Bring your favorite iPod playlists or CD's to your session.

Things to avoid:

  • Exposed tan lines or sunburns
  • Skin indentations from from tight fitting clothing, elastic waistbands, socks, etc… (consider arriving at the studio wearing loose fitting clothing with no tight elastic.)
  • Clothing with patterns (plaids, stripes, polka-dots, florals, etc…) and bright colors that tend to draw attention away from you.